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Hi there!

My name is Helena Boumová. As a nutritionist and food expert, I help others as their guide to better health and a healthy lifestyle. In my practice, in addition to my professional knowledge, I use my own experience with weight loss, binge eating and the search for a healthy lifestyle.

Believe me, the road to a healthier life is not easy for everyone, but it is worth it!

Are you interested in my offer? Send me an email so we can discuss all the details and arrange a meeting either virtual or F2F.



Full Body Analysis

Expert Consultation

Customized Meal Plan

Preventive measurement on diagnostic bioimpedance scale (% of body fat, muscle, associated health risks)

300.00 CZK / 30 min

Analysis of eating habits; recommendations in terms of nutrition or sustainable weight loss

600.00 CZK / 60 min

Personalized nutritional plan based on general medical and eating habits history, goals & body analysis

5000.00 CZK / plan

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